A Homemade Together Christmas

My family has a strong culture of homemade gifts. Before it was ever the official rule, it was the tradition. My mom made a doll for me and each of my sisters every Christmas. Now, we all-- children and adults--draw names and create gifts for each other. And it doesn't matter how childish or professional the finished product, each gift is truly loved. Do you or your children like making homemade gifts?

I really enjoyed sharing this book, A HOMEMADE TOGETHER CHRISTMAS by Maryann Cocca-Leffler, with my children. I love how the family focuses on one another and that each gift, no matter how simple, is cherished and appreciated. Even something so simple as watching the sunrise together became a special gift! It reinforced our family culture of gifts from the heart, and even gave Emily (4) an idea of what to make for Uncle John. (Shhh! Don't tell!)

Cambria (9) painted a special item for her cousin and was SO upset with the result when we got it back today, all fired and glossy. Let's just say dreams of perfection had filled her head. Luckily, her oldest brother gushed all over it, saying how awesome it was and insisting he couldn't tell which piece I had painted and which Cambria had made. Big brother to the rescue!

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