Books on the Table, Books on the Chairs

Are you familiar with A Job for Wittilda? It's one of my favorite picture books. It opens like this:

There were cats on the table, cats on the chairs, cats on the sofa, the bookshelves, the stairs! Every half-starved stray, every unwanted kitten seemed to find its way into Wittilda's heart and kitchen. Wittilda loved them all.

Well, if you substituted "books" for every instance of "cats" in this text, you would have a great description of my life and my house right now. I've been looking around and noticing stacks of books in every corner of every room.

There are four stacks of books in my van. (There would be six, but I returned two stacks to the library last night.)

There are three stacks of books in my bedroom--one for me, one for my husband, and one for my 4-year old, who makes regular nighttime appearances on the floor with her pillow and blanket.

There are two stacks of new books in the kitchen: one stack received yesterday from a publisher, another stack received from Amazon the day before.

The piles in my family room simply can't be counted: three full baskets of picture books, three stacks of possible chapter books for independent reading, a pile of love-themed books, a giant stack of potential Caldecott titles I loved, another stack of Caldecott titles that didn't work for me. There's a toy box with much-loved board books, an armful of tried-and-true family favorite picture books, a stack of potential titles to go on a Black History list, and a few titles to add to my list of picture book biographies. More books are strewn about all over the floor--those we've read and re-read every day this week.

In the mudroom is a bag of books to return to the library and a shelf with more books to return. (All the library cards are currently maxed out, if you're wondering.)

I could go on about the books decorating the school room, the overflowing bedroom bookshelves, and the hundreds of new books in the Reading Reimagined stockroom, but you probably get the idea.

But hey, the laundry is all clean and put away, so I don't mind all the books. They're way more interesting and enticing than dirty clothes. And I hope the party guests I'm hosting this weekend will agree, because I don't know that these stacks are going anywhere soon.



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