How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

Every year when I bring out the Christmas books wrapped in fun paper, my kids touch and feel all the books, consult, and argue about which one is The Grinch. It’s always the favorite. Last night, they finally found it. Daddy read it aloud at bedtime, and I decided that today would be Grinch day.  I can’t wait for family fun night!

To kick off the fun, I made Grinchy-Claus toast for lunch. Since I don’t love serving a lot of sugary stuff to my kids, I came up with a healthy meal that would be super festive and easy. I made toast with Dave’s Killer Bread, then cut it with my dress-up cookie cutters (no waste since baby James happily ate the scraps). I spread avocado on the toast and made it extra magical by sprinkling green sprinkles on top. I don’t understand why kids love sprinkles so much, but I know they’re willing to try anything if it has sprinkles! I made an extra-large heart for the grinch using a strawberry. On the side, I made a beard with cottage cheese and a Santa hat using a strawberry and string cheese. 

For our afternoon snack, we made Grinch kabobs. They’re simple and fun for kids to make. Just skewer a green grape, then banana slice, then strawberry, and either a mini marshmallow or slice of string cheese. Tada!

For our family fun night (a designated Monday holiday in our house lest we parents forget to have fun), we’re going to deliver some cheer to a few neighbors who are facing difficult challenges. Afterward, we’ll do a fun science experiment in which we use vinegar and baking soda to enlarge a green balloon representing the Grinch’s heart. With some extra green balloons, we’ll play a rousing game of keep-the-balloon-off-the-ground. I’m sure my teen boys will love that part! For our treat tonight, we made a delicious green-marshmallow popcorn. It’s super sticky and perfectly Grinchy.  See the recipe here.

We’ll end the night with another reading of How the Grinch Stole Christmas, which no one will mind. Enjoy creating your own family Grinch day. The possibilities are endless!

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