I Did It, I'm Sorry

Let's just say that I've had a rough mama week. I mean, a really rough mama week.

I got a call from the school on Wednesday saying that my 5th-grader had been suspended and would face a disciplinary hearing and possible expulsion. Now, if you're wondering, he didn't possess drugs or bully anyone. But he did make an offhand, irresponsible remark about blowing up the school. Bad choice.

If you can imagine how I've felt the last few days, you know I've questioned everything I do as a parent. And oh boy, we moms sure can be hard on ourselves.

In the end, I've felt peace knowing I put my whole heart into parenting, and my children will walk their own path in life, in spite of my teaching and desires for them.

When the school director called, she emphasized that my son had been forthcoming, honest, and sincerely sorry for his words. I immediately thought of this darling book we've read together over the years.

Have you read I DID IT, I'M SORRY with your kids? Each page presents a moral dilemma, with a short scenario, quirky details, and alliteration. Multiple choice responses are given, so children can find the best solution to the problem.

It was created by the husband-and-wife team of Caralyn and Mark Buehner. The illustrations are cute--and filled with hidden pictures to find on every page. The book is out of print, but hopefully your library has a copy.

I've always taught my children that consequences are less severe when we're honest about our mistakes. I pray that wisdom will hold up for my son in this challenging situation. 

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