Nativity Stories

I love Sundays in December for the time it gives me to reflect on the birth of God’s son and teach my children of his love. Do you have a special family tradition that helps you honor Jesus?  Please share your ideas! Below, I’m sharing my favorite Christmas books that teach the story of Christ’s birth.


The Story of Christmas

This simple retelling of the Nativity begins with the angel Gabriel’s visit to Mary and ends with why we celebrate Christmas today. It has colorful illustrations and heavy board-like pages. I highly recommend adding this book to your collection!


The First Christmas Night

A fantastic lyrical introduction to the story of Christ’s birth, beginning with Jospeh and Mary, then telling of the shepherds and wise men. The illustrations are realistic and capture the emotions of the event. Unfortunately, this book inaccurately depicts the wise men arriving at the manger.


The Christmas Story

This elaborate pop-up book created by the incomparable Robert Sabuda is a feast for the eyes. It features six scenes of the nativity story. Kids are completely captivated by this one! Of course, it must be kept on a high shelf, as little hands will easily (though accidentally) destroy it.


There Was No Snow on Christmas Eve

This book is new to me this year. It’s a very simply written narrative comparing the winters where we play in snow to the climate of Israel. It reminds us that Joseph and Mary were so alone, that Jesus was born without fanfare, and that the holy night was quiet. I quite like it, as did my girls. Please be advised, however, that it also depict wise men coming to the stable.


A Christmas Goodnight

You may have seen this book on my list for toddlers. It tells of a child going to bed and wishing goodnight to all the characters in the manger scene. It’s very sweet and gives parents an opportunity to reinforce the nativity story. The illustrations were done by the lovely Sarah Jane Wright, now of Lola Dutch fame.


The Tale of Three Trees

This classic folktale is a classic for a reason. It tells of three trees in a forest with big dreams. One wants to be a treasure chest and becomes the manger bed for Jesus. One wants to be a big ship, but is made into a simple fishing boat, later to hold the Master of ocean, earth, and skies. The last simply wants to remain on the hill but is instead cut down into heavy beams which become the cross on which the Lord is hung. I like how this book tells the story of Jesus’ importance from birth to death and resurrection. It’s told in a way child can appreciate and contemplate.


This Is the Season

This book features lovely illustrations and quotes about the Savior’s birth. The only text are the words from the children’s carol, “The Nativity Song.” This book doesn’t lend itself to read aloud but is wonderful for children just to look through the pictures.

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