Rainbow Pre-write

With springtime and St. Patrick's Day approaching, it's a fun time to do rainbow-themed activities. This activity requires very little prep, and kids love it. 

Grab a stack of books in various colors and display them in a rainbow arc. The best part about this is you can choose from books you already have and enjoy! I like to let children choose the order in which to read them, so they can enjoy the sense of control.

Afterward, set up the pre-write activity. I've made it easy for you by creating this cute printable. Print as many as you need and help the kids go to work! The purpose of this activity is to practice the arc motion in writing, which helps in forming letters (h, m, n). Because letter formation is important to perform correctly, be sure to guide your child to start on the left-hand side of each rainbow and arc to the right side. Muscle memory will kick in and make handwriting so much easier if kids practice correctly from the beginning! Additionally, children can acquire pre-reading skills with this activity, so encourage them to start at the top left of the paper and proceed across, then work on the next row. 

Feel free to print a bunch of copies of the pre-write activity or laminate for use with a dry-erase marker. I hope you can celebrate upcoming holidays with some learning FUN!


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