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Christmas Music

What brings the Christmas spirit into your heart and home? For me, it’s three things: service, stories, and songs. I love to play the piano and sing, but when we’re in the middle of chores and activities, Amazon music and Alexa help us out. TWhen the family is home, we opt for upbeat, fun tunes. But when I’m alone, I turn to inspiring Christmas music that lifts my soul and mind to a higher plane. Here are a few of my favorites: Gentri: Noel Gentri: Finding Christmas The 5 Browns: Kurt Bestor: The King’s Singers Cambridge Singers Pentatonix Josh Groban

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I Did It, I'm Sorry

Let's just say that I've had a rough mama week. I mean, a really rough mama week.I got a call from the school on Wednesday saying that my 5th-grader had been suspended and would face a disciplinary hearing and possible expulsion. Now, if you're wondering, he didn't possess drugs or bully anyone. But he did make an offhand, irresponsible remark about blowing up the school. Bad choice. If you can imagine how I've felt the last few days, you know I've questioned everything I do as a parent. And oh boy, we moms sure can be hard on ourselves. In the end, I've felt peace knowing I put my whole heart into parenting, and my children will walk their own...

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