About Us

Hello! I’m ASHLEY, and I’m so happy you’re here to share the joy of reading and connecting with children! I have a degree in Child Development, and though I left the workforce when I had my first child, I put my education to good use every day in raising tiny humans. I have battled Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome since my teens. When I have down times, I have found that reading aloud saves me. I can easily do it from bed, since it requires little energy and no cleanup! When my health is good, I love to extend our reading experiences to cooking, crafting, imaginative play, and outings.

I married my best friend KEVIN fifteen years ago. He’s a super-smart accountant who thinks in ideals. We love to attend plays and musicals, hike through national parks, play board games, try out restaurants that won’t break the bank, explore new cities, and go for walks together.

Our parenting experiment, SPENCER, is fourteen. He’s a bright boy who can challenge my intellect and patience to the nth degree. He devours books, often reading until 2 or 3 am. He loves to give me social media and business advice, and I listen carefully to his recommendations!

CLAYTON the innovator is eleven. He comes up with outside-the-box inventions for both products and processes. If I need to figure out how to get a large piece of furniture home in the minivan or create a zipline for stuffed animals, he’s my guy. He loves hard physical work and wishes we lived on a farm. He’s a reluctant reader, but loves stories read to him.

Nine-year old CAMBRIA is mini-me. She is an amazing big sister. She plays school, ballet class, singing group, tumbling lessons, and house with a nurturing passion. Like me, she’s bursting with ideas. She writes kind notes to family members every holiday and loves creative projects. She’s a hard-core perfectionist who is so hard on herself that she rarely needs outside correction.

My beautiful baby LILY died during childbirth nearly seven years ago. Her birth and death changed me forever. I met the most incredible, loving people because of her. Our family loves to walk to her grave, just half a mile from our home and participate in traditions that honor her memory. I long to be with her again.

EMILY, our rainbow baby, is four years old. She is energy, joy, confidence and enthusiasm embodied. She commands adoring attention wherever she goes. But if she doesn’t get all the attention, the fire comes out! She taught herself to read at age three and is always eager to cuddle up and share a story.

Baby JAMES, age 18 months, was the best surprise of my life. He is content to be a baby, crawling until 17 months, still spoon fed, and making just two consonant sounds (which can create a surprising number of words!) He is obsessed with motorcycles, but also enjoys trucks, cars, 4-wheelers, and trains.

Occasionally I mention two sweethearts who came into and out of my life through foster care. They visit often, but no longer live in our home.

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