Our Product

Is one of your goals for the new year to connect more with your kids? 

We can help!
We know how limited your time is and how much you cherish quality time spent with your kids. What if you could enjoy cuddle time reading excellent books? What if you could watch your children role play in new and imaginative ways? What if you could participate in meaningful activities together and build lasting bonds? What if you could do all this without researching, without running around town, and without preparing elaborate activities? You can!

We curate monthly Read & Play Boxes that allow you to spend your time creating connection with your children. Each month you will receive a carefully curated and delightful themed box containing:

-a beautiful hardback picture book
-materials for imaginative, dramatic or sensory play
-supplies for a parent-child connection activity
-all items are related to the book theme and colors!

Read & Play Boxes stack neatly and come with a large spine label so that you can pack away the activities and pull them out later, giving your kids a fresh look at the play items for even more hours of enjoyment. They make the perfect activity for rainy days, play groups, and special occasions!

You know the books that you have to hide under the couch or secretly give to Goodwill because you just can't stand to read it one more time? We promise you can be done with those tired tales forever! We select only the best children's picture books. You won't see any TV characters or generic stories. You will discover fresh books with lovely illustrations, rich vocabulary, and skilled storytelling--the kind of books that both child and the parent will treasure for years to come.

Read. Play. Connect. Effortlessly!